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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Oh My God, I won tickets on the Fernando and Greg show!!

I was awestruck by Dee Roscioli performance of Elphaba. I saw her twice in Chicago and was impressed by her performance. This time I was blown away. Dee portrayed Elphaba as a girl who's been put down her entire life, lacked the confidence in anything she did, and had a nervous twitch in her right and. Every time she was unsure of herself, her right hand and fingers would nervously twitch. When she became the formidable woman, she loses her nervous twitch (is there a correlation between twitch and witch?). What impressed me the most was the emotions she expressed through her eyes, the vulnerability and the utter confidence she later acquires. It was like seeing the show for the very first time. I definitely want to see her again before she assumes the role on Broadway.

On my morning drive to work (5/26), I was listening to the Fernando and Greg (Greg is on the left and Fernando on the right) show on Energy 92.7 They play a game called "Hetero versus Homo", where they ask questions that every gay and straight guy should know the answers. The twist is they ask the gay guy questions that every straight guy should know and vice versa. I, of course, was the gay guy. I ended up losing but my consolation prize was 2 tickets to see Wicked on LGBT night, June 10. Can you believe it???

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