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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Where is Teal Wicks?

Last night was the 18th time I have seen the performance of Wicked, 11th time in San Francisco. Of the 11 times I've seen it here, I've seen Teal Wicks perform twice in the lead role of Elphaba, Dee Roscioli once, and Vicki Noon eight times. Vicki Noon returned from a vacation within the past week and I could tell that she was struggling a little bit with the part. The show had a different feel to it than in previous performances, I'm not sure whether it was good or bad.

Here's the good stuff: Eddy Rioseco performance as Boq is getting better each time I see him. He's starting to emote emotions I haven't seen him do and I'm really like him in the role. Deedee Magno Hall is the best Nessarose by far. She is spectacular, especially in the second act where you see her transform unwilling into the Wicked Witch of the East. Lee Wilkof replaces David Garrison as the Wizard. At first I was shocked to see David Garrison replaced as I thought he was amazing in the part. Within minutes of Lee Wilkof performance, he won me over. His acting, timing and voice brings a refreshing take of the Wizard. The ensemble cast is consistently
awesome. Tom Flynn as Dr. Dillamond is a solid and reliable performer. He has yet to have a bad show.

Here's the bad stuff: Both Vicki Noon and Kendra Kassebaum (Glinda) appeared off and strained. I'll say no more because I love both of them in their respective roles and am chalking it up as a bad night. Patty Duke's timing isn't what it should be. Nicolas Dromard is still vocally challenged in "Dancing through Life" but his dancing and acting abilities compensate for it.

I sat in row F, seat 106 (then swapped at intermission to seat 110) with my friends Mike and his boyfriend Dan. This was their first time seeing the show and loved it. The next time I see the show is on June 10, 2009 with the tickets I won on the Fernando and Greg show Energy 92.7fm. I'm taking my niece Kaila for LGBT night, Kaila's first time seeing the show. We'll be sitting in row Z, seats 125 and 127.


  1. you've seen it 18 TIMES?????I'M SOOO JEALOUS OF YOU!!! I've only seen it 3 times!!! Here are the amazing casts I had:
    March 19: Kendra and Vicki
    July 9: Teal and Natalie
    August 13: Teal and Kendra
    I am Wicked's #1 fan, have been backstage twice, and I have about 10 autographs! Teal is my favorite Elphaba! I posted a video of her at the stagedoor talking with me on my youtube channel...check it out if you want to!

  2. I saw it on the 4th, it was Teal and Kendra there. I thought they were both fine.

  3. 18 times?! I'm so jealous! If I had more money I would go that often! I've seen it three times in SF, once in Seattle, and I have tickets for February. As it is, I get made fun of by everyone I know for going that many times! People just don't understand the amazingness! For 2 hours and 45 minutes, I'm just happy :)
    I wanna go backstaaaaggggeee....

  4. Wicked is my favorite play!! I have seen it five times, four in SF and once in L.A. I am seeing it a week from Friday in London, and then going again to SF in July. Then it is coming on tour (fingers crossed for a good cast!) to the town I live in. I am a crazy girl, because I am thinking of going every night while it is here for its one-week stint! Good blog, Sam. Teal is my favorite Elphaba.

  5. Teal Wicks is the best elphaba in wicked ever! I went to her last show in NYCand she was amazing.Teal is my inspiration.I audition for footloose in my school and got the lead. This women changed my life and i just wanted too thank her. No Matter what play she is in she will always kick BUTT! I would not see this show if she was not in it. Thanks to her i want to be on broadway when im older. Shine Bright!!!!